Industrial sewing machines by Dohle

For nearly all applications in the textile and carpet industry Dohle offers the appropriate solution for joining fabrics. The Dohle product programme covers applications ranging from machines for light, loose fabrics to hard, thick and stiff materials.

Dohle machines help to reduce material waste, shrinkage and wrinkling. All Dohle industrial sewing machines are suitable for wet and dry operation.

Butt-end sewing machines

Butt-end sewing machines produce a flat butt to butt seam. Sewing and cutting is one process. The axially cutting device allows the following butt to butt seam types: Butt to butt, with overlapping edges or with a gap.

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Chain stitch sewing machines

Chain stitch sewing machines produce very stable chain stitch seams with overlapping edges. In the two needle execution (option) two parallel seams with a distance of appr. 10mm are produced in one process.

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Special machines

Individual solutions for individual demands. From consulting up to manufacturing: we love to answer your questions about special machines and engineering.

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Application examples

Artificial Turf

Especially with its variations artificial turf demands the highest standards of sewing. Dohle has the appropriate machines for thin materials up to the thickest materials.


Even thick voluminous materials can be combined together with a flat seam. This is possible with our Variant-L8, equipped with a special clamping bar.

The flat seam can usually remain in the finished product and thus result in significant material savings.


Sewing instead of gluing. The broad flat seam of our butt-end sewing machines is very well suited for connecting foams. Often the seam can remain in the material, eg for lamination or other subsequent production processes.

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